The Stove

The relationship with our surrondings was intensified by our compulsory stay at home. We started to appreciate moments and details, by doing and absorbing things calmly, in a way that before the pandemic seemed almost impossible. Many objects went from extras to protagonists in this enclosure, but none stood out as much and carries more meanings than the stove. A long time ago it was just fire, yesterday it was just an object among others in the house, often forgotten on weekends. Today it has resurfaced bringing with it a forgotten need. we remembered where our food comes from and how it is produced. The act of cooking and turning ingredients into dishes is an important connection to the world. Today we see this object as a factory of dreams, tests and experiences, where creativity is exercised and design, palatable!

Antonia Almeida & Fabio Esteves

80e8 was created in 2011, after a strong connection between partners Antonia Almeida and Fabio Esteves while studying Industrial Design at FAAP University in São Paulo. Its logo carries the year of their birth, a fact punctual which makes the partnership unique and mystical, like a premonition that they would meet in some years. Curiosity drives them. They believe in conscious consumption and in the valorization of production means and products, so they may generate more intimate and lasting relations. They seek to get out of the common place, by proposing differentiated solutions and new uses for materials. Currently, Antonia and Fabio see a broader potential for performance in the market, with different production fronts: creation, production and own marketing; partnership with brands and stores through the creation of exclusive pieces for such; special projects to order for companies, and development of unique and/or serial pieces aimed at a more restricted market and conceptual design.