An Anafre is a very common utilitarian object in Mexico. The use of anafres is mainly to heat tortillas, a very important element in our gastronomy. We wanted to honor this functional object that is used on a daily basis in Mexico and bring it to your table. The anafre can also be used as a fruit bowl.

They are normally small stove tops of tin heated with charcoal; ours is made of ceramic and comes with its own “comal” a metal plate for heating tortillas on top with a can of ethanol included.

The Anafre is part of Miscelánea brand developed by Galeria Mexicana de Diseño who commissioned this design.

Andrea Flores & Lucía Soto

We are an interior and furniture design studio founded in 2014 by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto in Mexico City.

Lucia studied industrial design in UNAM, the National and most important university in México while Andrea ended up studying in Barcelona and Milano. The highly technical education of Lucia complements perfectly the concept-centered educational background of Andrea.

Our work is very influenced by our culture. The big spectrum of great craftsmanship is one of the values we appreciate the most of Mexico.

We think that design is a cultural conduct that has the power to generate changes from the individual to the collective spheres. We have the capacity to start a conversation with society and it is our responsibility to know what we want to say.

We also develop interior projects where we love to study the relation between people and spaces. We offer spatial solutions with an aesthetic approach that encourage the integration between individuals and living spaces.