Eroded Panorama / Side Table No. 7

Eroded Panorama / Side Table No. 7 results from research and experimentation oriented towards a more spontaneous working process, in harmony with the morphological qualities of the material, in both formal and aesthetic terms. The inspiration for the project arises from the observation of textures created by the abrasive process of the combined action of atmospheric agents, both on ancient buildings made of calcarenite and in nature.

By integrating the action of water and compressed air with traditional sculptural techniques, it has been possible to accelerate the natural process of erosion of the material in a controlled environment, and obtain unique objects characterized by a strong materiality.

The pieces of Eroded Panorama collection represent a story of harmony and balance between nature and the intervention of the human being, who humbly imitates and draws from it.

Cosma Frascina

Graduated in Design at ISIA in Florence Cosma Frascina feels the urge to slow down his life pace focusing on his own ideas. Goes back home, fixes an old space where to set and work, wins his fear to make mistakes and builds his self knowledge on constant trying. The lack of tools while working resulted in a pleasant rediscovery of traditional artisanal techniques and natural materials.

He finds his main inspiration in the roughness of nature, particularly in contrast with humans artifacts. Cosma likes not to determinate too much before starting creating, to be as free as possible in the making.

His design is concretized through the voice of hands, which is inherently imperfect. As a medium to find the pureness of this life he goes by upending traditional notions of beauty and comfort/functionality.