Mood Box

Call of the Object: Glaze test tubes, a rhodolith from the Pacific, Glyph and Rune cylinder seals, Scribe test tiles, a skate egg from Fire Island, a rock from Refugio Beach, Verge form glaze tests, Totem modules, coral from Florida, a silkworm cocoon from teaching the lifecycle and metamorphosis to my children.

This is the evolving compilation of objects I currently use to investigate my design voice, my human imprint. These ecofacts and artifacts resonate with me as I search for them, create tests or happen upon them by chance. I take inspiration from the aggregated dialogue they tell. As an amalgam of elements that help to define my vision, my mood box influences my intangible objective of creating tangible artifacts that bridge the organic and man-made, the natural world and a speculative one.

Heather Rosenman

Heather Rosenman is a ceramic artist and designer based in Los Angeles. A New York native, she studied at The Cooper Union and The Basel School of Design in Switzerland. Combining a primitive aesthetic with modern sensibilities, her ceramic collections are inspired by ancient and futuristic relics that are surviving memorials of culture.

Heather has shown in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is available internationally and has been featured in print and online publications including Architectural Digest, Dwell, Wallpaper, Luxe, Elle D├ęcor, Interiors, Vogue Australia, Galerie and The Intangible by Kerry Joyce.