Jigisha Patel

I am Jigisha Patel, a Ceramic Artist, born and bought up in Mumbai. Started Tiny Clay exactly 2 years ago. It was something that came out of sheer passion before I started my career aspiring to be a Chartered Account. And somewhere in the middle I saved myself.

Changing 8 jobs before I got here wasn’t an easy journey. Because people around thought I was not serious about anything I ever did. Nothing ever clicked very honestly (until of course I was introduced to pottery). I’d always ask myself every morning that do I really need this job? And the answer to it was ‘NO’. I still kept going thinking that maybe someday I’ll fall in love with my job.

During my very first 10 session course I told to myself that pottery isn’t for you. But destiny has its own plans. Lockdown made me discover so many new things; about pottery - about myself!