Banding Wheel

This is a banding wheel, which is a turntable that I use for hand building ceramics. It allows me to access all sides of the piece I’m working on. I chose it, not only because I use it every day in my work, but because it references the original wheel, which has survived for millennia as the most important tool ever created. There are many lessons from the pandemic, and for me, they include the fact that the simplest things, the basics that are the foundations of our lives, are often the most important and sustaining. As a battery-powered, digitized world melts down, some tools will never fail us. When governments, technology and modern medicine falter, neighbors deliver food to each other; pursuits like drawing and reading enrich us; and things as simple as moving air, distance and homemade masks preserve us. In the face of isolation and loss and hopelessness, we can find solace in the same things that have connected us as human beings for millennia. Our resiliency is not dependent on complexity, but on simplicity.

John Born

Artist and designer John Born started Humble Matter in 2014 after escaping from the world of advertising. Humble Matter ceramics and sculptures are available across the US and around the world. They have been featured in print and online in publications including Elle Decor, Elle Decor UK, Milk Decoration, Wallpaper, and Vogue. In 2019, John had the first Humble Matter solo exhibition at the Dobrinka Salzman Gallery in New York.

Not a New York native, but definitely a transplant who’s taken hold, John has lived in Brooklyn since moving to New York in 1993. When he's not in the studio, John can be found running throughout Brooklyn or relaxing on the beaches of Truro, MA with his family. John has a BFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.