Green Gold

These avocado stones have taken a new turn during these stay-at-home times, when for many of us the everyday came to a halt, and so many things that we took for granted, came to be perceived differently.

Germinating an avocado stone in a recycled jar is perhaps something many of us have done at a certain point at home. Watching plants grow is beautiful and rewarding; somehow, they mark a metaphor for change, a new beginning, care, life and the passing of time. All of these seem to gain relevance during lockdown, which in turn has offered us a unique possibility to rethink the structure of the economy that shapes our worlds, and the impact it exerts on the environment and hence on our social and political lives.

Livia Marin

My practice began in Chile working with the multiple, with the sense that the unique object is challenged by industrial modes of productions and rarely the experience of everyday life for the many. It became a fundamental trope of my practice to estrange the multiple with repeated but different multiples: the many. In our contemporary world the immaterial or virtual object could be said to predominate, however, my central concern remains with the material object of lived experience.

Livia Marin lives and works in London. She has exhibited widely both in her native Chile and internationally.