Stones from Four Continents

“If you hold a stone
Hold it in your hand…”
Caetano Veloso.

On my desk there are stones brought from four continents, different soils and earths, cultures, memories, most of all, people.
They are the stones of my path, of each landscape, of places, some were given to me with affection, which brings the shape of many details of our projects.

Somehow the natural gestures, the sensual curves, in an object as hermetic and as rigorous as the rock approximates our daily routine of thinking the drawing closer to nature and this reminds us to be generous with space and its relationship with people.

Every material has its own characteristics and limits for its definition. To work on the threshold of its possibilities - but not defying it - is indeed a fertile ground for advanced thinking and technique development.
Materiality builds the intersecting planes and becomes a vehicle for a tonal rhythm, the resulting immersion brings a new intimacy to the grain of an architectural space.
Materials have a significant impact on the way the past life of the place seems to flow, to and from the surfaces of the spaces, inside.

Looking at a stone makes me think that the gesture of drawing and materiality allows architecture to revolve around all of our experiences and not to contain the very nature of things.

On the scale of a city, a plate, a window, or a building , the whole of the mass, volume, surface, proportion, junction, geometry, repetition, light and ritual. This way, even something as modest as turning on a tap can become a vehicle for much broader ideas about how we live and what we value.

Mariana Schmidt

From ephemeral to permanent, based in Brazil, Mariana Schmidt creates narratives in fragments between architecture and art. Founder and Partner of MNMA - a transdisciplinary architecture studio that develops projects with sensitivity, articulating the elements in a simple and intimate way. With the purpose of integrating disciplines with a strong plastic appeal, without restrictions to the use of materials and constructive techniques to develop projects with diversity of scales, from temporary facilities to urban interventions.