A Typical Shanghai Street Scene

A very typical Shanghai Street Scene, or we often call it ‘Long Tang’ in Chinese. Why there is such an interesting phenomenon that took place in Shanghai? It is because of its humid weather and its local culture. In the earlier days, the Shanghainese lives in a ‘Long Tang’, where four or five families live together in a building, with a shared kitchen. More like a communal kind of living environment. With a limit indoor private space and humid atmosphere, people tend to hang their laundries outdoor. With the generation evolves, the elderlies have carried over their habit of hanging laundries outdoor with them. We often find it more like an installation curated by the folks, and we believe that art is not only lies or created by an art-related profession, it would be curated by anyone as long as you have an eye to discover beauty.

Xuan Nie and Yuan Yuan

OFFHAND PRACTICE was founded in 2017. Our projects are various in scale and program as we look for challenging assignments, which we love to study.

As an interior architecture design practice, we do not impose design concept, but aim to solve realistic problems of diverse sites of different projects. We are interested in the relationship between space and people. Space as an energy field for interaction, and how to reveal the potential that it is innate. This has been a key subject that we study and examine through our practice. The understanding of space varies among generations, therefore the problem we are solving is forever a problem that is happening, evolving and changing. This is where architecture and interior fascinates us.