Small Games

These are about 100 years old games I found at a flea market in Paris.
Many of the games are simple and very difficult to accomplish.
I also really like the colors and design in this small space, and over the years I've acquired about 15 of them.

Today we live in a world where we are surrounded by digital objects.
Maybe that's why I find a sense of comfort in these analog games

Shigeki Fujishiro

Shigeki Fujishiro left the acclaimed IDÉE Co Ltd in 2005 to found his own studio; Shigeki Fujishiro Design.

He has been active in a broad range of areas, including interior products and exhibit installations.

Fujishiro typically focuses on interior products and furniture, working hard to achieve designs that are extremely elementary and that have universal appeal.

In his work structure becomes form, as demonstrated in the Eiffel stool. Fujishiro has recently collaborated with such well-known brands as Hermès and Adidas as well as producing his own self-initiated projects.