We are living weird times. I can’t remember when was the last time I have been staying at home for such a long time.

Small rituals that I have always loved, have gained even more importance in the everyday life. This spring I have enjoyed long morning moments sitting at my favorite spot in the kitchen while grinding my coffee beans every morning with my grandma’s old coffee grinder. Dressed up in my mother’s old morning gown from the 70’s the past, now and future are present in the moment. While grinding the coffee beans I am memorizing my dear grandmother, her life and the development that has happened in our society in the past decades. The small rituals that enable a sanctuary in the daily life are precious. These rituals help me to slow down and enjoy the moment, think of memories and dream of future and the challenges ahead.

Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä

My name is Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä. I grew up in Kemi, a small town in the northern part of Finland. Having an architectural background I have also studied design at Aalto University. During my design studies I specialized in material oriented approach having ceramics and glass in focus. I have worked as a designer at IKEA of Sweden for 2 years. During my professional career I have also done architecture across many different kinds of projects. I have worked in architecture offices such as OOPEAA and Sou Fujimoto.

Currently I am working as a creative director at my own Studio together with my business partner Anni Pitkäjärvi. Studio Finna operates across product and furniture design to spatial and conceptual design. We are mainly working with international partners such as Ferm Living, Le Klint, Bolia, Vitra and Ikea. We are also collaborating with Finnish companies such as Hakola and Artek.

I have lived and worked abroad in Copenhagen, Sweden and Tokyo. I am extremely interested in different cultures, materials and working methods. Working abroad with my projects is in high priority. I am applying the know-how of different scales and various materials to my daily work. I also want to take a unique multi-disciplinary approach to different kinds of design tasks. With my creations I aspire to generate unforgettable experiences and new stories, phenomena and memories. An open-minded attitude, outstanding multi-tasking skills and passion to design incite my interest to explore new methods. To see and experience the world from new perspectives is in high priority. The main thing is to stay curious, keep finding new tracks and enriching experiences. I am a passionate creator, who loves creative challenges.