Nude Vases and Fresh Flowers

Nude vases and fresh flowers. When the Covid started to hit hard and things started to change rapidly most of my work project was postponed. I was lucky that I had just rented a ceramic studio for a project. The ceramic studio enabled me to continue working as I was there alone. It was actually quite nice to focus on doing by my hands and taking the time to play with the material. The last couple of years have been quite busy going from project to project and slowing down and focusing on one thing was very nice. I create Nude vase collection by testing new methods of forming the clay. The colour story I loosely based on humans and that's where the name also came from. Fresh flowers have brought me a lot of joy during this time and I like the idea that the flowers are the clothes of the vase and without flowers the vases are nude.

Tero Kuitunen

Tero Kuitunen works as a spatial and product designer in Helsinki. He has graduated as a designer from the Applied Arts MA program at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. He’s inspired by the interface of design and art, the unprejudiced apposition of things, floating sceneries, and the meaning of humor and touch in design. Alongside product design, Tero is known for concept and space planning as well as memorable projects of contemporary art and design. Currently he has curated and created the concept for the Wild at Heart exhibition that is touring in 2019-2020 to Vienna, Budapest, Stockholm, Tokyo and Helsinki. He has participated in international exhibitions and fairs in e.g. Beirut, Stockholm, Japan and Italy.

Throughout his work, Tero wants to find something that moves and touches people. Materials and colours are often his biggest inspiration when starting a new design project.
"I love to use bold colours, unexpected forms and humor. With these choices I want to evoke people with questions, make them happy and find insightful solutions."