MELT Cabinet

A minimal yet complex and highly sculptural cabinet collection. Process while making the cabinet and the construction of it is reminding me how multilayered we human beings are. MELT cabinets were one of the last works before the covid19 started really changing the world. Because making this kind of piece takes so much time and effort, from the very start you either hate or love creating the pieces like MELT. Inside of the cabinet I keep only the most valuable treasures!

In the MELT cabinets, industrially treated pine transforms into an unique art composition. The cabinets have been inspired by the metamorphosis of moving water. By the melting ice transitioning from solid to liquid like rain. The surface of the cabinets are built up from hundreds of pine rods which are glued together one at a time on multiple layers. A time-consuming working method enables me to create the three-dimensional fluency on the surface.

Each solid wood stick has their own well thought place in the entirety.

Antrei Hartikainen

Antrei Hartikainen (b. 1991) is a master cabinetmaker and designer from Finland known for his exquisite works in wood. The award- winning pieces, including functional products and pure art works, achieve heights of sensuality, elegance and craftsmanship that place them with finest examples of modern Nordic carpentry.

Sensuality, elegance and the importance of craftsmanship are emphasized in Antrei Hartikainen's work, which constantly seeks to challenge and blur the traditional categorizations between functional objects and visual arts. Hartikainen’s sculptural approach can be studied through his organic body of work, which simultaneously highlights the inspiration drawn from his material of choice, wood.

Antrei Hartikainen has shown his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions all over the world. He was selected Young Designer of the Year in 2018, followed by being shortlisted for Emerging Designer of the Year by the international architecture and design magazine Dezeen in 2019.