Diwan Model

This is a model like the ones we usually present to companies. Normally, in addition to graphic communication, we present a model of the object so that the idea we have can be better seen. In this case, from the entire collection that we presented, we made the model of the chaise longe.

During this pandemic we had to present our new collection of seats for Sancal. This small model of the chaise long reminded us of this every day. In a way, it represented the uncertainty of what was to come, would everything return to normal and we would present it in Milan as planned or would it have to be done in a different way?

In the end, as we all know, the fair was not held and everything was done digitally. Perhaps in the future this model will remind us that we cannot take anything for granted, that perhaps things will not always be as we expect.

Claudia Perez &
Pedro Ochando

The studio is a collaboration between Claudia Perez and Pedro Ochando that combines two different profiles to take charge of creative projects that encompass all areas of design. They develop projects in which the design is a necessity of consulting, graphic design through furniture and lighting products. In addition, they operate as teachers in universities and teach workshops on product design and collaborate simultaneously with the innovation consulting agency Lead to Change. They have collaborated with companies such as Sancal, Missana, Inclass, Naturtex, Artesa, Arlex, Kendo furniture, Fambuena, David Design, Lékué, Zurich Insurance, Polytechnic University of Valencia, EASD Valencia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Roche, Affinity Petcare, Banc Sabadell, Adevinta or CRUE Universidades españolas.