Objects of Nature

When I am outdoors, I usually collect elements of nature that attract me because of their shape, color or texture: stones, twigs, seed pods, shells ... which I later treasure and keep in a container on my work table and in some corner of the house.

They are simple treasures of nature, it makes me feel very good to have them present, touch them, smell them, rediscover them, they connect and inspire me.

Carolina Arias

MUAR diseño is a studio established in Montevideo - Uruguay, created in 2011 by designers Federico Mujica and Carolina Arias, it works in multiple disciplines, from architecture, interior design, furniture , lighting and refined objects design.

The studio develops projects with a unique approach that results in differential and innovative concepts, provides aesthetic and functional solutions, always taking care of the quality, the materials, their processes, and the longevity of the products.

Contemporary design of simple forms, aesthetic care, use of noble materials and a close link with artisans and their production are the characteristics of the studio.

Their products have been awarded at the Salão Design Awards, Brazil in several editions and at the NYCxDESIGN Awards in 2020. They have exhibited their work at the London Design Fair, Designjunction and The Aram Gallery - London, and at High Design and Design Weekend - São Paulo.