Crater Mirror

A view to the world beyond oneself... rather than vanity it looks, or reflects beyond the viewer sometimes taking you out of the room sometimes remaining within the walls capturing the changes going on. Taking you beyond what’s there back in time. If it could record you could playback 12 years of my life. Possibly even beyond, capturing the shadows and spirits of what was there before. The mirror then is not only the object but the curator of many objects.

Don McCollin

Don McCollin and Maureen Bryan set up McCollin Bryan in 1998. The fusion of their backgrounds in textiles (McCollin at the Royal College of Art) and ceramics (Bryan at Middlesex Polytechnic) has led to a distinctive portfolio of designs.

Their joint approach is strongly driven by the materials they work with and a mutual need to be active in the craft of making. The experimental processes and the development of visual concepts is a real collaboration between the two; McCollin explores surface textures, reflections and patterns, Bryan designs forms that have sculptural impact. They are both driven to exploit the intrinsic qualities of the materials that will surprise and intrigue the viewer and hopefully, imbue longevity to the design.

Their designs are a mixture of one off pieces, limited editions and open editions. They are distributed worldwide and can also be purchased directly from their London Studio.

Each piece is designed, made in the UK.