Significance of Vessel 8

We are each on a journey, experiencing those moments in life that shape us as individuals and our perception of those around us. Some of our realities are harder than others by the hand we have been dealt or the one we choose to play. This sculpture is a representation of how those immense moments in life that shape who we are and how we see the world mold us into the imperfect and uniquely beautiful vessel that we are in the end. Each trial and achievement leaving their mark on us and how we are seen by the world.

Hillary Cumberworth

Growing up the youngest of four kids, I learned pretty quickly to go with the flow in most situations and I still live my life by that code today. I am a native Austinite that left home to live here, there and visited everywhere in between. I receive my degree from Southwestern University studying under Mary Hale Visser. Additionally, I interned for three artists in NYC; Nene Humphrey, Elise Siegel and Nancy Bowen. While living in Houston, I taught art at an inner-city Middle School and was the foundry assistant under David Medina at the Glassell School of Art. My husband and I then moved to Dubai and proceeding to have three kids in four years. That time abroad profoundly changed me as a person and my prospective on the world. I now live and practice in Austin and try to make the most of everyday.