Mansie Shah

After completing my schooling in Kolkata, I studied law at National Law University, Jodhpur, one of the premier law institutes of the country. While working as a tax lawyer in renowned law firms of India, I was beginning to feel disconnected from myself and began seeking some form of creative expression. Looking for fresh earth in which to plant my roots, I found clay in 2013.

I like to work at the cusp of function and sculpture. All of my work is hand-built using techniques like pinching, coiling and slabbing. I also incorporate a lot of texture into the clay. I actively engage with contrasts in my work - contrasts between organic and geometric aesthetic and between the high-gloss of glaze vis-à-vis matte unglazed ceramic surfaces. My focus primarily is on the form and everything else organises itself around this.

I’m a self-taught artist, relying on years of trial and error instead of formal training. In pursuance of a career in the arts, I have also done a year-long post graduate course in art history ‘Modern and Contemporary Indian Art and Curatorial Studies’ from Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai in 2018-2019.

I explore my practices in ceramic as well as drawing with ink from my studio in Wadala, Mumbai.