Veena Chandran

Over the years of working with clay, I have realized that it is not me that molds the clay but it's clay that molds me. Every piece I create takes me closer to the artist I aspire to become. Though that perfect piece is still a far-off dream yet every step of this journey is truly amazing. There has been no better satisfaction than to know that someone somewhere is using a piece that I have created. A part of me has become a part of their world and I thus live vicariously through their life's journeys.

Clay has taken me to distant places and introduced me to so many amazing people. My exhibits in this show are a catalog of these journeys and experiences. Some have been crafted here in India and others during a residency in Denmark. Exploring the medium in different spaces has given me the opportunity to experiment with different types of clays, kilns and ways they are fired.

A common thread that binds my work is - the emphasis on the duality of clay in the forms created. The strength and robustness of the material, juxtaposing the fragility and fluidity of the same… Ying and Yang.
A symphony called 'Life'.

The journey of discovery and form has created a community around me that continues to fuel the search for perfect piece in this ever giving medium…
I feel humbled and proud to be a part of this community and to showcase my work to you and thus become a part of your lives.